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TWiT's Get Corporate Advertisers

This Week in Tech, better known as TWiT has added some big name corporate advertisers to their podcast shows recently and they are getting both positive and negative attention.

Visa, and Dell have been added to the income sources that TWiT has to pay their podcasters. Visa advertisements appearing in all of the related podcasts.

We welcome our first network wide advertiser, Visa, this week. You'll hear Visa ads in all the podcasts for the month of September. Next week Dell commercials will begin running in this WEEK in TECH, Security Now, and Inside the Net.

Perhaps you're wondering why we're taking advertising. As you may know, I had hoped to build TWiT on donations alone, but as generous as you've been that's just not possible. Your donations pay for our expenses, like hosting, bandwidth, rental, and equipment, but aren't sufficient to pay the podcasters themselves. All the work put into building these shows over the past year has been volunteer. None of us can keep doing that much longer. Advertising will let us pay the podcasters, and help grow into a better network of shows.

But even with the support of companies like Visa and Dell, we still need your donations! Our fixed costs don't go away, and, in fact, are increasing as we add podcasts and work toward better audio and video quality. The podcasts are always free, and always will be, but your voluntary donations make it all possible.

I hope this is just the start of big business advertising in podcasts, but I guess we will see. Good luck to TWiT.

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