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Adidas Adicolor Viral Video Campaign

adicolor_pink.jpgI think the goal for any successful viral video campaign, or ad creative in general for that matter, should be to set new design aesthetics for the brand and perhaps the industry as a whole. This is no easy pursuit and more campaigns fail than succeed in this regard.

However, Adidas deserves praise for tackling this tricky medium and producing some truly noteworthy viral videos as part of its Adicolor campaign. Adidas worked with New York agency Idealogue on this project and hired 7 directors each with the mandate to create a video as an emotional/creative response to a particular colour. Once created, the video links were sent to some of the biggest internet trendsetters and by all accounts this campaign has been a tremendous success landing in inboxes far and wide. Caution; some of the videos are quite risqué and perhaps a little too edgy for younger kids, which is no doubt part of the appeal of these spots.

Adicolor: Pink Video
Adicolor: Black Video
Adicolor: White Video
Adicolor: Red Video
Adicolor: Blue Video
Adicolor: Yellow Video
Adicolor: Green Video

Jacqueline Bosnjak, 36, is a creative director at Idealogue, the ad agency handling the adicolor podcast project. Freelance executive producer Sara Seiferheld 29, is working with Idealogue.

Q: Did the directors have any guidelines about the films they made?

A: (Sara) The only thing we told them was they might want to keep it about a minute long. But they didn't have to.

Q: Why did you choose the directors you chose?

A: (Sara) We had a lot of people to choose from. The idea of creative freedom was appealing to people, and people respect the Adidas brand … We didn't just want seven motion graphics or animation people, so part of the process was picking who was culturally relevant and could do different things with the project. Toward the end, I asked the seven people I thought should do it to pick their number one choice of a color to work with, and they all picked different ones. So I thought ''There it is.''

Q: That's kind of amazing.

A: (Sara) It was great because I thought you'd have a bunch of artists fighting over a color. I thought everyone would be into black and white as their choices … Charlie White, for example, was insistent on doing pink. He put down ''brown'' and ''purple'' as his second and third choices, because he knew they weren't options. He only wanted pink … and you can tell by his video, he was really meant to do pink.


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